In-School Policies & Bell Schedule

At Abraham Lincoln High School, we believe that loss of instructional time equals loss of learning and increases the chances that a student will underperform in, or fail, a class or classes. As part of our mission to foster an environment of high expectations that will empower students to reach their full potential, we have set a 90% attendance goal for all students, and the expectation that students attend every class. Below you will find Lincoln’s In-School Policies and Bell Schedules. All Lincoln students and staff are expected to follow our In-School Policies while attending Lincoln.

Student & Staff Identification (ID) Badge Policy

Students and Staff are expected to carry their student photo IDs during the school day to help us ensure the safety of our campus.

During the School Day:

  • Student ID cards must be worn at all times on a Lanyard and presented at the request of any school staff member when entering and leaving campus for lunch.
  • Students need an ALHS ID card to check out materials, Secure loaner Chromebooks, gain admission to school-sponsored activities, and leave and return to campus for Lunch.

Lost or Stolen:

  • Loss or theft of this card should be reported to campus security immediately.
  • Student ID cards will be issued/ Printed within 24 hours.

Please ask your student if they have obtained their ALHS School ID. If not, one will be printed and available the second week of school

We will be offering Free Lincoln Lanyards and ID Holders for all students.

Automatic phone calls and emails & Text Message Notification

Automatic phone calls, emails and texts will be made to the phone number and email on record to inform parents/guardians when a student misses a class, has Saturday School, or In-School Detention.

In Addition, Parents will get notified if their student arrives late from Off-Campus lunch.

Alternative Bell Schedules (Half Day, 2-hour Delay)

First Monday of the Month Half Day: Students get dismissed at 1:01 pm. Lunch is offered until 1:50pm.

2 Hour Delay: If we are under a 2-Hour Delay due to weather, School will start at 10:25am. Students would report to their period 3 as their first class of the day.

Assembly or Pep rally Schedule: we will have a modified schedule for days we are organizing a Special School Assembly or All School Pep Rally.

Cell Phone Policy

As our phones have become a part of our everyday life, our students need to limit the amount of phone usage during class, or teachers’ lessons. Students are allowed to use their phones during passing periods while walking to their next class, lunch, or during non-class periods. If students demonstrate a consistent pattern of phone usage during class, parents will be called to meet with an administrator to arrange a “phone drop-off/pick-up” before and after school.

*Phones are not to be a replacement for student Chromebooks during class. Every student has been provided with a Chromebook at the beginning of the year. We have extra computers in the Library if needed.

*Phone calls to students from parents/guardians during instructional time should be made to the main office at 720-423-5000

Early Release Heat-Day

During the late summer, Denver can occasionally experience extreme heat. There are 34 schools within DPS that have partial or no air conditioning and may experience increased temperatures within the building. 

We understand that heat days come with short notice and are an inconvenience for many of our families, and that child care may be an issue for some. We make every effort to ensure that our school stays open and that our students and educators feel comfortable, our number one priority is the safety and well-being of them all. If the temperature within our facility rises to a degree that we feel is unsafe to host classes, there is a possibility that our school may have an early-release Heat Day. 

In the past few years, Denver Public Schools has put a number of solutions into place to reduce the impact of extreme heat within our schools.

  • We have invested in cooling solutions in our schools over the last seven years.
  • We have purchased portable cooling units for schools without air conditioning.
  • We have provided additional training for staff on how to manage excessive heat. 
  • We have created a process to allow schools that do not have air conditioning to call an early release day after an extended forecast of extreme-heat conditions. 

In the event that we do need to declare an early-release Heat Day, we will communicate the decision by 5 p.m. the day prior to the early release. An early-release Heat Day notice will immediately be posted on our school’s website. An email and automated robo-call will be sent out to alert our families of the change in schedule for the following day. 

We are working closely with DPS Transportation to ensure that a modified bus route will be implemented on an early-release Heat Day, and that students will be dropped off at their normal locations. Parents who do not wish for their students to ride the bus home during the heat day’s early release do have the option to pick up their students from the school at the designated release time.

We are available to answer questions you may have regarding the possibility of an early-release Heat Day. As always, thank you for your continued support of our school, and we very much appreciate your patience as we successfully navigate through the first weeks of the school year.

Grading Policy

Abraham Lincoln High School utilizes a continuous grading practice. Grades are updated weekly by Friday morning. Students and parents should check the Student Portal and Parent Portal regularly for up-to-date information on grades and attendance. Progress reports will also be digitally mailed to the address of record every 6 weeks. Weekly Grades are sent to parent’s email and Students DPS email.

Lincoln High School divides the academic year into four six-week grading periods, two 6-week grading periods each semester.

Student Dress Code:

We have high expectations for our students and believe that all of our students have the opportunity to attend college and access a good career when they graduate from Lincoln.  Students must learn in a safe environment and we will enforce our dress code strongly.

The following are our dress code expectations:

It is highly recommended students wear Abraham Lincoln shirts.  Each student will receive a Lincoln shirt during registration and we will have shirts available to purchase.  In addition, it is recommended that students wear navy, white, gray shirts/tops. Students can wear Lincoln Lancer baseball hats, and we will have them available for purchase.

  No red shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, shoe laces, belts.

  • No bandanas of any color
  • Shirts and tops must cover stomach and be worn appropriately-no midriff tops
  • Shorts and skirts length must not be shorter than the ends of your fingertips when are down and standing straight
  • No hats or beanies can be worn, except for Lincoln Lancer hats
  • No trenchcoats
  • No clothing displaying drugs or gangs

Every Wednesday is College Day and we encourage all students and staff to wear a college shirt of their choice.  

Every Friday is Lancer Pride Day and we expect all students and staff to wear Lincoln gear.

Students will be given the opportunity to dress appropriately everyday, if students choose to not support our dress code, a phone call will be made to the parent/guardian and the student will be asked to wear clothes that are within our dress code policy.

 In-School Detention

In-School detention is assigned to students if they demonstrate a consistent pattern of inappropriate behavior in school, or does not comply with the in-school policies All students follow.

In-School detention will be assigned to students during their Lunch Period. Lunch Detention will run from Monday-Friday. Parents will be notified the Friday before if their student has been assigned In-School Detention. Students will report to Room 119 where lunch will be provided and students can work on School work. The Cell Phone Policy is active during In-School Detention.

Lunch Period

We have given the privilege to students to experience Off-Campus Lunch and we expect our students to be back to arrive on time to period 5 (1:07pm.) We encourage our students to stay on campus and utilize the hot and healthy options our Cafeteria offers. The Cafeteria also offers a Salad & Fruit Bar. 

It is important that our students return to campus at 1:05 (before the passing period begins) to have enough time to arrive for period 5.

When Students arrive late from Lunch:

  • Students will check in at the main entrance and then be given a late pass to class.
    • This can also trigger an Absent notification if the student returns 10-20 minutes late to class.
  • Parents will get a text and email every day the student is late from lunch.
  • Off-campus privileges can be revoked if a student demonstrates a consistent pattern of being late to class.

What is a “On Campus Lunch Day”?

“On Campus Lunch Day” is a school-wide day where students are prohibited from leaving off campus for lunch. This is due to students repeatedly returning late from Lunch. Reminder, at Lincoln it is a privilege to experience off- campus lunch.

Makeup work Policy

Students are responsible for making up any missed work. Parents should check their student’s attendance and grades through the online Parent Portal.

Partial Absences
  • Parents need to contact the school when a student needs to leave early. Contact the Attendance office at 720- 423-5000 then press 2.
  • No student will be permitted to leave the building with parent consent. 

ALHS does not approve any early leaves, nor is the school responsible for accommodating individual travel plans by giving early final exams, etc. The absences and any missed work will count against the student, and since it is the end of the grading period, they will not have an opportunity to make up the work.

Saturday School

Every Saturday from 8am-11am students will have the opportunity to utilize Saturday School to recuperate tardies and absences from the previous week. Saturday School is mandatory for students assigned Saturday school.

Students will be assigned to Saturday School for the following reasons

  • Absences from class
  • 4 tardies form Lunch
  • 6 tardies to class
  • Disciplinary Actions during Class

If Lunch Detention or Saturday School is not effective, parents will be asked to come into school to shadow their students

Tardy Policy

If your student is tardy your student must enter the main doors and proceed to the main hallway. They are to check-in at the table that is designated to their grade level, where they will provide their full name and student ID number. They are to proceed to class right after and their tardy will be documented. If a student arrives after 8:25 a.m. They will proceed to the welcome center to have their tardy documented there. Parents will get notified if their student arrives late from Off-Campus lunch. Off-campus lunch is only for 11 & 12th grades students and can be taken away as a privilege if tardies continue.

After 6 tardies students will be assigned Saturday School and parents will be notified via text, email and Phone call.

Please help support us to ensure all students are in school and arrive to class on time. We will share what actions will be taken to enforce students’ accountability in a few days. If you have any questions or concerns around attendance or tardies, please contact Bryan Sanchez (Dean of Student Services) or Daniel Medina (Attendance Liaison).

Attendance Liaisons

Photo Name Title Department Email Phone
Elizabeth Folgar Attendance Liaison Attendance
Lancer headshot Daniel Medina Attendance Liaison | Head Softball Coach Support Staff, Attendance 720-423-5063

After 4 Absences, ALHS Attendance Liaisons will be contacting students and parents to improve the attendance rate.

Grade 9: Dan Medina:

Grad 10 Elizabeth Folgar

Grade 11:

Grade 12:

Behavioral Team

Photo Name Title Department Email Phone
Lancer headshot Chad Cook Student Advisor Behavioral team
Ray Lopez Student Engagement Liaison / Student Advisor Support Staff Behavioral team, Support Staff, Student Services 720-423-5242

If you have any questions regarding In- School Policies or Bell Schedule please do not hesitate to reach out.


Noel Nieves

Assistant Principal