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Abraham Lincoln High School offers support needed to guide our parents through their child’s High School Career. Lincoln Parents can benefit from Parent Workshops, Meetings, and other Strengthening Family initiatives.

Lancer Families we are excited to invite you to our end-of Semester Winter Celebration. On Thursday, Dec 7th, we will have a Line-up of activities for the whole family.

ALHS Winter Celebration

Thursday, Dec 7th


Suggested $5 Dollar Donation

POTLUCK Style, parents what will you bring? we are asking parents to bring Food, desserts, Drinks, Salad, to contribute to the potluck contact Jossie at 720-423-5038 or fill our the form

Click here to fill out Student’s Free and Reduced Activity/Lunch Form

The Free and Reduced Meal Benefit Program is part of the National School Lunch Program, which is a federally-assisted meal program. It provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free meals to children each school day during the school year.

Filling out this form gives students:

View this video to help you complete the form. It should not take more than 10 minutes. \

Parent Involvement:

All year long parents can participate in different ways here at Lincoln

  • Collaborative School Committee
  • DAC/ELA PAC meeting
  • Volunteer opportunities
    • Events
    • Chaperone
    • Office
    • Spots events
Parent Workshops and Resource Sessions (W&R):

Lincoln Organizes Presentations and Workshops for Lincoln Families through out the year. W&R sessions range from

  • Computer classes Saturdays 8:30am- 10:30am RM 117
  • Cafecito 3rd Tuesday at 9:20am Community Room (educa radio)
    • Future Center
    • FACE
    • SW HUB
    • Attendance 
    • Colleges/Universities
  • REI First time home buyers 
    • Workshop
  • Financial Education
  • Parent Portal 
    • Classes
    • Grades
    • Enrollment
  • FRL lunch application
  • Job Board
    • If we can send an email to all of our parents if they have a Business, if they can partner with us so we can promote if they are hiring, WE can share this with our parents
Parent Support

Need resources for your household or a better connection with the school? pleas fill out this Interst form. and our Parent Liaison will connect you to to the appropriate Staff member.

College & Cultural Visits


Haga clic aquí para completar el formulario de actividad/almuerzo gratuito o reducido para estudiantes

El Programa de Beneficios de Comidas Gratuitas y a Precio Reducido es parte del Programa Nacional de Almuerzos Escolares, que es un programa de comidas con asistencia federal. Proporciona comidas nutricionalmente equilibradas, de bajo costo o gratuitas a los niños todos los días escolares durante el año escolar.

Completar este formulario les brinda a los estudiantes:

Vea este vídeo para ayudarle a completar el formulario. No debería tardar más de 10 minutos.

Connect with Jossie: Jossie Cordova is Lincoln’s Parent Engagement Coordinator if you need connections to the school or interested in participating in the parent workshops. Please contact Jossie 

Photo Name Title Department Email Phone
Jossie Cordova Parent Engagement Coordinator Support Staff, Parent Support 720-423-5085