Abraham Lincoln High School Text


Posted 02/07/2019

Our daily commitment is to support and challenge our students in their preparation for success in career and college. In this preparation, we expect our Lancers to be full partners and to take responsibility for progress toward their college and career goals.

For example, our students wear school uniforms every day and are expected to maintain attendance rates of at least 90%. Responsibilities in the school-student partnership are outlined in our Student Handbook:

Student Responsibilities

  • The student will attend school for all days of the school calendar.
  • The student will be in class on time and be prepared to work.
  • The student will talk to their teacher regarding make up work.
  • The student will complete work as assigned by the teacher when a prearranged absence is required.
  • The student will follow the established school procedure for arriving at school late or leaving early;
    specifically, you must be excused through the Attendance Office or nurse and sign-out if leaving early in
    the Welcome Center.
  • The student will follow the established school procedure for admittance to class following truancy.
  • The student will provide the school with the current and accurate telephone number or other means of
    contacting a parent/guardian during the school day.
  • The student will contact the school with any questions concerning his/her attendance responsibilities.
  • The student will wear the school uniform every day and to every school activity.

School Responsibilities

  • Provide all students with educational access to be successful in career and college.
  • Provide the necessary supports needed for all students.
  • School personnel exhibits respectful and professional behavior at all times.
  • Encourage all students to continue successfully plan for one of five pathways after graduation.

In addition, students are responsible for understanding the courses they need to take in pursuit of their goals. This information is contained in our Course Catalog.

Students can check on their grades and attendance via the district’s online Student Portal. And those who need extra support can attend our Saturday School.

At AHLS, we challenge ALL our students to make the most of every opportunity and strive to be your best!