No School for students Friday, September 22nd. It is a Planning Day for teachers.
No hay clases para los estudiantes El viernes 22 de septiembre. Es un día de planificación para los maestros.
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Monica Duran-Martinez: #OnceALancerAlwaysALancer

Posted January 29, 2021


Meet Ms. Martinez, Class of 2014, who is currently a 9th Grade Connect Academy Math, and Math-2 Instructor. We know math can be difficult for some students. Mrs. Martinez continues to strive to teach her students that any challenge can be solved. Ms. Martinez is a Southwest Denver Native. During her time as a Lincoln Student, Ms. Martinez committed her time to School, Volleyball, and The National Honor Society.

What DPS schools did you attend?
“I went to Knapp Elementary, Kepner Middle School, and Abraham Lincoln High School.”

Do you have Siblings?
“Yes, I have a younger brother and sister, both now in college as well.”

What experience at Lincoln sticks with you to this day?
“All of the friends I made, the teachers who helped me, playing volleyball.”

Where did you go to college?
“Metropolitan State University”

What is your current job or career? How long have you been there?
“Lincoln Teacher! heading into my second year.”

How does it feel teaching at the school you once walked the halls?
“I felt such nostalgia when I first walked back into Lincoln, and it feels so great to be a part of Lincoln once more and see how much things have changed/ how much things stayed the same too.”

What tips would you give a high school student who is learning remotely? Do you offer virtual office hours for your students?
“We know these times are tough but try to take advantage of all of your opportunities!”

Ms. Martinez, office hours for Lincoln Students. are from Monday-Thursdays, from 1 to 2 p.m.