JROTC Inspection earned Lincoln 98.87 out of 100, Retaining our Gold Star

Posted March 10, 2022

SHOUT OUT to Sgt Beasley, Col Thomas and ROTC students – All buttoned up for the Inspection! The JROTC Program for Accreditation (JPA) is the Inspection we just completed. It is used to evaluate JROTC Instructors and cadets to ensure compliance with minimum program criteria. School districts and instructors will receive a JPA visit at least once every three years; this is referred to as our Formal Inspection. The Inspectors came to us from Texas, our higher headquarters.

The following areas are Inspected:

Brigade personnel (FROM TEXAS) inspected the following areas:

1. Battalion Staff (composed of students) Continuous Improvement Briefing and Interview CCR 145-8-3 24 Jul 2015 3 (BRIEFED BY CADETS)

2. Service Learning Briefing (BRIEFED BY CADETS)

3. Cadet Portfolio and Interview (Inspectors interviewed students)

4. Instructor Portfolio and Interview 

5. Unit Report (events the JROTC program has completed)

6. In-Ranks or Drill (students marching/being inspected in formation)

7. Color Guard  

The scoring is as follows and Schools may receive the following designations: 


100 – 95 percent JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction (HUD) – Gold Star – JPA visit within 3 years 

94 – 70 percent Proficient – JPA visit within 3 years 

Below 70 percent Unsatisfactory – JPA visit within 1 year and Performance Improvement Plan required 

LINCOLN SCORED a 98.87 on the most current JPA, we retained our GOLD STAR!!!!

AMAZING CADETS here at LINCOLN!!!!!!!!!!!!!