(Junior) Evony Fields – Awarded ALHS Female Athlete Of The Year 2024

Posted March 19, 2024

On Monday, March 18, DPS Athletics recognized Female student-athletes across the district. We are extremely proud of our very own Evony Fields for being Awarded Abraham Lincoln High School’s Female Student-Athlete Of The Year. In her Junior year, Evony has become a leader in our school, participating in many activities. After High School, Evony plans on attending University of Colorado, Boulder. Enrolling in the Golden Buffalo Battalion to become a trainee for a military officer rank.

Evony is actively participating in:

  • National Honor Society
  • ROTC- Leadership Staff – Battalion Commander
  • Honor Platoon – HP Commander
  • Track & Field
  • Black Student Alliance
  • Girls Flag Football
  • Girls Basketball
  • Student Board of Education
  • Student Leadership
  • Link Crew
  • Elementary School Mentoring Program

Read Evony Fields Thank you speech:

“I have been at Lincoln for Three years, I have always loved joining new things and supporting Lincoln in the best, most positive way l can!.  I’ve been a part of 13 activities in total during my time here at Lincoln and it’s just been the best! Lincoln is truly a family to me!

This is a great honor, not only for me but for my family as well. I’m gonna be honest… I actually struggled a lot as a middle school student. Mainly because of the people I hung around and having middle child syndrome, – which is not for the weak!  I always hated that I was being compared to my siblings since I have a lot of them! I was just smack dead in the middle. It was difficult to really be recognized for anything I did. I felt pretty alone in a loud house full of family while in middle school. Then things began to change!

Coming to Lincoln was a fresh start. I began to have more opportunities, meet people different than me, and try new activities. I am truly an introvert at heart, but Lincoln opened my shell very fast to the point where I am now in 13 activities and a part of 13 families as a junior. I feel heard, seen and recognized alongside my siblings, who continue to do great things and carry on our last name. Talking about my story and how Lincoln changed my whole point of view on life really makes me tear up. I am honored  to represent not only my school but my home once again. My plans after high school are to go to the University of Colorado, Boulder to become a trainee for a military officer rank and then go into the army as an officer with High Rank.”