AP Exams May 2-May 10th

Posted May 1, 2023

Advanced Placement Exams Spring 2023

Your student is currently taking at least one AP class. This is an Advanced Placement class that provides students with the opportunity to receive college credit depending on the score they obtain on the corresponding AP Exam.

AP Exams will be held May 2-May 10th. Please refer to the table below to identify which test will be administered each day. 

TimesTuesdayMay 2, 2023Monday May 8, 2023Tuesday May 9, 2023Wednesday May 10, 2023
Morning Exam Arrive at 7:45 am Done at noonAP CALCULUS Community RoomAP ENGLISH Community RoomAP SPANISH Community Room
Afternoon ExamArrive at 11:45 am Done by 4:00 pmAP PSYCHOLOGY Community RmAP COMP SCIENCE Community RoomAP BIOLOGYLibrary

Morning exam

Those taking a morning exam will need to arrive at school by 7:45am. Exam check-in will be held in the main hall. After the test, they will go on to attend their regular schedule.  

Afternoon exam

Those taking an afternoon exam will come to school at the regular time of 8:15am will be dismissed by 4pm. The afternoon exam check-in is at 11:45am in the main hall.  Please remind your student to log on to their AP classroom account and accept the terms and conditions of the exam. 

What to bring

Students must bring their Chromebook (fully charged), the charger (just in case) and a bottle of water to stay hydrated.