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Staying Connected the Lincoln Way

Posted 05/11/2020

Abraham Lincoln High School’s Student Success Team(SST) has actively been connecting with all Lincoln students. SST members are a collaborative effort of non-teaching staff members such as Office Staff, Advisors, Dean of Student Services, Post-Secondary Coordinator, Counselors, Mental/physical Health Support, Paraprofessionals, and tech support.

Each SST Member is supporting a cohort of students whom they are individually communicating with every week to discuss essential wellness, resources of support, academic questions, goals, and answer any outstanding questions students or family members might have.

“We are so thankful for our SST members and their commitment to ensuring our Lancer students feel supported and connected to our school community during Remote Learning!” said Mrs. Esparza.

Our Mental Health Team has compiled a list of approved resources for students and our Families. Our Mental/Physical Health Team is committed to providing equitable and inclusive environments where we ensure students are Healthy, Supported, Engaged, Challenged, Safe, and Socially and Emotionally Intelligent.


Basic Needs


Grief & Loss


Natural Disasters




War & Terrorism