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Parent Teacher Conferences

Posted 10/11/2019

Parent teacher conferences have been scheduled for ALL Students, Meet 1-on-1 with your student’s teachers to discuss the following:

  • Discuss your student’s grades, and attendance and plan next steps for success
  • Build a connection with your student’s teachers
  • Receive support using Parent Portal and Schoology

Wednesday, October 30th from 4:00 PM-8:00 PM

Want to view your students grades? sign in to Parent Portal here: https://myportal.dpsk12.org/


Contact, Javier Banuelos, Communications Specialist

720-423-5004 Javier_Banuelos@dpsk12.org

During this day we will be having our anual Trick or Treat Street Celebration for the community. We invite you and your family to attend this event.