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Mario Fierro: #OnceALancerAlwaysALancer

Posted 08/13/2020

Mario Fierro Class of 2011 is the prime example of Lincoln’s saying, “Si Se Puede/ Yes we can.” Mario Continues to grow his resume through his ambitious Love for filming, and editing. Mario can now say, “Si Se Pudo/Yes, I was able to”
This Summer, Mario continued to grow his resume by working with globally noted artists. Mario was asked to be a part of Cardi’s B Record-breaking video team and filmed Cardi’s new video with Megan Thee Stallionn.

First Music Video Project?
“I did my first music video here with my friend and Lancer Classmate Kapoghood back in 2010”

Did you go to College? What you Study?
“I went to the University of Denver where I earned a BA in Film Studies/Production. I also went to the American Film Institute here in Los Angeles, MFA in Film Editing (Class of 2020)”

What projects have you worked on during your career as a videographer?
“As a videographer I have worked with Todrick Hall, Richard Jackson (Lady Gaga’s choreographer), and most recently with Cardi B.”

Please tell us more or what you can about the Cardi B Project.
“I can’t really say much about the Cardi B project, but whether it becomes a docu-series or a feature documentary, it will be made with a lot of love!”

What would be a dream project of yours to be a part of?
“I have many dreams, but the biggest one is to edit a Marvel Studios movie, I have always been obsessed with superheroes. Early in my career I was filming quinceaneras, weddings, fraternity events, etc, and now 10 years later I’m with Cardi, but my goal is to become a serious film editor in Hollywood, which is why I decided to get my Masters at AFI American Film Institute, one of the best film schools in the world. I love being a videographer though, I get to  capture a lot of beautiful moments for people and I get to show people a side of these artists that most don’t get to see.”

What advice would you give the high schooler looking to chase their dream?
“The best advice I have for anyone trying to pursue their dreams is to be a lunatic about it. I legit panic if I’m not editing every single day, yes I’m that crazy and serious about it. I don’t want to edit, I NEED TO.  I usually don’t like giving advice but with the Cardi B job a lot of people have been asking me how I got the gig so here we go:

  1. Walk the talk. A lot of people say they’re going to do this and that… just do it and once it’s done, post it. Very early on I understood that my work needed to do the talking. If you’re an Artist/Creator of any kind, I consider Instagram the new resume. Post your work there, so potential clients can just scroll down your page and see what you’re all about. Cardi B’s publicist never asked for my resume.
  2. Don’t let anyone mistreat you. This might sound like common sense but you will be surprised by how many people stick around a toxic environment for the sake of popularity or for a chance to work with someone famous or for a paycheck. Stand your ground always and make sure your mental health is your top priority. Trust me, when you’re shining, we’re all shining!”


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