Abraham Lincoln High School Text

Letter from the Principal

Welcome Lancers!

I look forward to a great year of serving our students and families of Abraham Lincoln High School!

Our daily commitment is to support and challenge our students in their preparation for success in career and college. Working with our students and parents on this focused goal will help our students be successful now and in their future.

To ensure our students’ success, we must all focus on helping our students excel in their attendance, behavior, and learning every day. We must also assist students in defining one of five pathways they will pursue after high school:

  • two-year college
  • four-year college
  • technical school or certificate program
  • armed services
  • or full-time employment with advancement opportunities).

In addition to rigorous coursework and preparation for success in life after high school, I want to encourage ALL students to become involved in some extra-curricular activity, whether a sport, club, student leadership opportunities, etc.

Being involved in your school community outside of regular classes is so important for an enjoyable high school experience, and I encourage all students to seek out or develop the activities they are interested in experiencing. These are tremendous opportunities to get to know your peers and your teachers outside of the classroom in ways that will have many positive effects on your life, both while in high school and beyond. This will make for a vibrant and positive school culture that will also support your academic achievement.

Finally, please take time to read and understand the information in our 2018-19 student handbook. Within these pages, you will find the student conduct code and our expectations for ALL ALHS students.

The Abraham Lincoln High School leaders and staff challenge ALL ALHS students to make the most of every opportunity and strive to be your best, and all ALHS parents to continue to take an active role in the education of your child.

Have a great year! Go LANCERS!!

Larry M. Irvin
Abraham Lincoln High School