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Lancers to display Art at the Citywide High School Art Show

Posted 03/10/2020

FEBRUARY 10, 2020: DENVER, CO: DPS Foundation photo visit to Abraham Lincoln High School in Denver on Monday, February 10, 2020. (Photo by Cyrus McCrimmon for DPS Foundation)

The Citywide Elementary, Middle School and High School Art Exhibitions showcase artwork from schools across the district, and offer an excellent opportunity for DPS students to connect with their peers and expand their learning. The art shows are a celebration of creative achievement in all our schools.

  • March 6th – April 10th: High School Art Show
    • March 18th: High School Art Show Reception
Students in photo: Nestor Deras-Quijada 12th
The ligher colored one is titled “Mysterieuse Beaute” (French)
Artist Statement:
In my artwork, I captured the elegance, beauty and artful fashion of a African Woman. Her dress is filled with the color Red – representing Love.
Also, it has pieces of a book that represents the history. I wanted to show as many fashion-beauty details as possible.
The fact that the classy woman doesn’t have a face, reflects a mysterious beauty.
The darker colored one is titled “Alive!”.
Artist Statement:
My mixed media artwork shows an indigenous woman covered in a blanket full of flowers. These flowers represent the life of a person, and the memories created.
The embroidered colored flowers reflect the past. All the beautiful memories a person lives. The glittery flowers represent the present. The moments a person builds.
he white flowers illustrate the future. All the wisdom and experience a person gets throughout her life.

Students: Attending Citywide Art Show:
Cathryn Bay-Flower Class
Cameron Dyson-Gray 11th – Rainbow (Painting)
Kevin Perez-Martinez 10th – Home of the Giant Pandas (Drawing)
Nestor Deras-Quijada 12th – Mysterieuse Beaute (Mixed Media) Alive! (Mixed Media)
Penelope Valdivia-Delgado 12th – Native Eye (Drawing)


Miss Knight Class

Deja LaRoux – Photography “Be who you are”

Jackie Rangel-Orocio – Photography “Strong”

Arieana Baca – Digital Media “Vintage Outlook”

Osman AbdikadirPhotography “Reflecting”


Megan Curry Class

Jessica Gutierrez-Najera “Captured by the Sea”

Valeria DeSantiago-Lara “Aqua View”

Susy Valdez-Robles “Elements of Life”

Alejandro Castillo “Arrowhead”

Daniela Silva-Mendoza “Gluttony”

Jonathan Kayumba “Energy of the Heart”

Joselyn Campuzano-Sandoval “Global Warming is a Hoax”

Abraham Vega-Lira “Untitled”

Jovanni Luna-Campos “The Karate Kid”

Odalys Cruz-Blas “Relaxed Bath”

Virginia Buhl Class

Aalycia  Rodriguez Alice – Mixed Media / includes variety of materials
Britney A Ornelas-Dominguez Single mother – Painting
Eunice Barron-Cordero Little fox – Digital Media (GIF)
Marcos DelReal Never-ending heartbreak – Sculpture / non ceramic
Giselle Herrera Immigration innocence – Photography | A new life – Photography | Fear in the eyes -Photography
Daniela  Silva-Mendoza Untitled painting | Untraditional family portrait – Painting Installation