Abraham Lincoln High School Text

Lancer Family (Class)

During the 2021-22 School Year  and continuing through their four years at Lincoln, All students will begin the day with a Class called Lancer Family before continuing their school day. Lancer Family is an opportunity for students to stay updated, with School Work, School Spirit and the progress of the student through high school.

Overview of Lancer Family

    • Monday – Social Emotional Learning 
    • Tuesday Tutorial – each week to make up work or participate in a session of interest
    • Wednesday – Grade level counselor information. This include ICAP which is a graduation requirement
    • Thursday – Weekly grade checks
    • Friday – Lancer Connect for schoolwide announcements and celebrations

Description of grading policy:

      • 80% Product which is tests, quizzes and major assignments where students show what they have learned
      • 20% Process which is for participation, engagement, and smaller tasks like daily assignments or exit tickets

Reach out to your Lancer Family:

        • Information about grades
        • Information about attendance
        • To help find who to connect with at Lincoln if you have any questions.

Role of Lancer Family teacher:

          • Main point of contact for students
          • Meaningful connection for all 4 years of high school
          • Advisor when selecting classes
          • Help monitor academic progress
          • Facilitate daily content for Lancer Family Class