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Ivan Hernandez: #OnceALancerAlwaysLancer

Posted 10/30/2020

The next time you walk into Lincoln High School, you will notice the motivating messages, the encouragement molded on the walls of our hallways. One day to be instilled as a memory in those who once walked the halls here at Lincoln. Branding is something Ivan Hernandez is very familiar with; Ivan Class of 2011, and the owner of Banner Signs and Decals share his memories while updating our hallways with new decals and inspiring messages on our walls.

Like many entrepreneurs, Ivan’s business minded mentality molded him into the business owner he is today.
“When I was in Elementary school. I would have my parents buy me candy, and I would sell them in school. It was a pretty good business. I made about $14 a day / $70 per week, which was a lot as a 3rd-grade student.” said Ivan.

What experience at Lincoln sticks with you to this day?
“The great branding throughout the school to ‘THINK COLLEGE.’ I was recently at the school doing a site visit for another signage project, and Mr. Esquibel pointed at a wall and said, ‘We use to have a banner here….’ And I replied, ‘yes, I remember the ‘THINK COLLEGE’ banner.”
“Aside from that, I remember getting a lot of support from Renee Romero, who led the GEAR UP program, Mr. Collins, who was my Algebra II teacher, and now one of my business mentors/friends, and of course the friends I made that I still keep in contact with!”

Are you a native de Denver?

“I was born in Durango, Mexico but raised in Denver. I have been living in Denver since I was six years old.”

Do you have siblings?

Yes, a younger brother and a younger sister. My brother Erick Hernandez is also a Lincoln alum.

What does your Business Specialize in?

“We partner with business owners, marketing directors, general contractors, architects, and interior designers to help create culture, enhance aesthetics, and relay important messages through signage.”

“We are based in Lakewood but do Business nationally and in a few countries outside of the US. Some of our larger clients include Chipotle, Google, Swinerton, Noodles and Company, Parry’s Pizza, and of course, Denver Public Schools.”

Did you participate in any activities while at Lincoln?

“I was in the National Honor Society and GEAR UP. I also graduated as class Valedictorian.”

“Freshman year, I played on the basketball team. After Freshman year, I had a part-time job at FinishLine and Moneygram International.”


Did you go to college or any post-secondary education?

“Yes. The University of Denver. I earned a Finance Degree and later an MBA from DU.”

As a business owner, you have a unique perspective. What advice would you give the current high Schooler who is business-driven?

“Make progress towards your goal every single day. Achieving business ownership/business success does not come overnight. It is important to create a big audacious goal, break it into steps, break those steps into even smaller steps, and start tackling those steps one at a time!”

Ivan’s Company created a $1,000 grant Seniors at Lincoln pursuing a higher education can apply for.

Seniors interested in applying for this grant, please email ivan@bannersignsanddecals.com

Applicants need to email their:

  • Resume
  • Personal Essay
    • What does community mean to you? In what ways have you been involved in your community?
    • What would $1,000 help you achieve?


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