Abraham Lincoln High School Text

English (Language Arts)

The Abraham Lincoln High School English Department offers rigorous courses designed to prepare students to go to college. Our department has talented and dedicated teachers who believe that all students can and will succeed.

Introduction to Literature and Composition — Introduction to Literature and Composition is a course designed to teach students how to read, analyze, and write about the different genres traditionally taught in high school courses. Through the Coming of Age theme, each unit will provide students with strategies that will help them read and analyze novels, short stories, poetry, drama, argumentative writing, and film. Compositions will focus on the analysis of how writers use literary elements to tell stories.

American Literature Honors — In Level VI, the units center on an investigation of the idea of the “American dream.” Students are asked to read and think about important questions presented in American literature—questions about freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness. Students read longer works of fiction and nonfiction, honing their skills of analysis and synthesis. Both creative and academic writing grows out of the reading and thinking about ideas presented in the units. Students move toward creating assessment portfolios that emphasize self-assessment in relation to standards and growth in skills.

World Literature and Composition — This course is designed to expose students to literature from multiple regions of the world so that literature can be analyzed from the perspective of people who come from a variety of cultures. Students also develop skills they will need in order to be successful on the ACT exam.

AP English Language and Composition — Students study the concept of persuasive writing and rhetoric. This rigorous, college-level course allows students to analyze arguments and compose some of their own. Students will come away from this course with the ability to participate in public discourse as college students.

AP English Literature and Composition — This college-level course is designed to help students analyze multiple genres from multiple time periods. This course is offered senior year, and students who earn a 3 or higher can earn college credit for the course.

Journalism — The journalism course teaches students the ethics and skills needed to be a fair and responsible journalist.

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