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CSC & MLE PAC Elections

Posted 08/26/2021

CSC & MLE PAC Elections

Abraham Lincoln H.S.


Dear Parent or Guardian

All schools in the Denver Public School District have important organizations that help with family involvement. One such organization is the School Collaborative Committee (CSC). The CSC brings together staff, parents, students, and community members to create and implement a plan to promote high achievement in the school. Another organization that is present in all schools that have an English Language Acquisition (ELA) program is the MLE PAC Parent Advisory Committee and at the District level, there is the District MLE DAC Advisory Committee.

We invite you to join these organizations. Here is more information.

Collaborative School Committees (CSCs)

Being a part of the CSC provides an exciting opportunity to be involved in our school community, not to mention being a part of the education of all of our students. Our school is working towards some excellent goals and we believe that by working together we can achieve them.

MLE PAC Parent Advisory Committees

All schools in the English Language Acquisition (ELA) program have their own Parent Advisory Committee. ELA Parent Advisory Committees (MLE PAC) provide information about the school’s ELA program, increase communication between parents of English learners and the District, verify the implementation of the ELA program in the school, and listen to feedback. parental concerns. The meetings are open to all parents of English Learners.

MLE DAC  District Advisory Committee

The District MLE DAC Advisory Committee (MLE DAC) is a District-wide committee for parents of English learners that meets monthly to discuss issues affecting English learners and their families. Members of our Parent Advisory Committee have the exciting opportunity to serve on the DAC Council. The DAC Council is a leadership committee that is part of the MLE DAC that is responsible for planning the issues, conducts MLE DAC meetings, and liaises with other parents and community groups. The members of the DAC Council are elected by each network to ensure that the council reflects the diversity of parents of English Learners throughout the District. Additionally, three seats are reserved on the DAC Council for each of the primary languages ​​spoken by the District’s English Learners (Spanish, Vietnamese, and Arabic). Two seats are also reserved for parents who have been identified as refugees.

This year we have three vacancies on our CSC, MLE PAC committees, we invite you to join us. We generally meet each month with the members of our committees; we appreciate their commitment to serve on the committee for two years (or one year, if applicable). If you are interested in having your name appear on the list of candidates, during the week of classes of August 30th, we will send more information on how you can nominate yourself or someone else for these vacancies. You can also email me at fernando_guidice@dpsk12.org or call us at (720) 423-5119; If you would like more information on any of these parent committees before making a decision. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Fernando Guidice

Family Engagement Coordinator