Abraham Lincoln High School Text

Attendance Policy & Bell Schedule

At Abraham Lincoln High School, we believe that loss of instructional time equals loss of learning and increases the chances that a student will underperform in, or fail, a class or classes. As part of our mission to foster an environment of high expectations that will empower students to reach their full potential, we have set a 90% attendance goal for all students, and the expectation that students attend every class. 

Bell Schedule

All students are expected to have a minimum attendance rate of 90%. SENIORS MUST HAVE AT LEAST A 90% ATTENDANCE RATE IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GRADUATION CEREMONY. 

Automatic phone calls and emails will be made to the phone number and email on record to inform parents /guardians when a student misses a class. 

Attendance Liaisons

After 4 Absences, ALHS Attendance Liaisons will be contacting students and parents to improve Attendance rate.

Dan Medina: Class of 2025


Ricardo Chavero Class of 2024

Elycia Ramirez: Class of 2023


Brianna Koljonen: Class of 2022


Make up work

Students are responsible for making up any missed work. Parents should check their student’s attendance and grades through the online Parent Portal.

Partial Absences

  • Parents need to contact the school when a student needs to leave early. Contact the Attendance office at 720- 423-5033. No student will be given permission to leave the building with parent consent. 

ALHS does not approve any early leaves, nor is the school responsible for accommodating individual travel plans by giving early final exams, etc. The absences and any missed work will count against the student, and since it is the end of the grading period, they will not have an opportunity to make up the work. 

Tardy Policy

If your student is tardy your student must enter the main doors and proceed to the main hallway. They are to check in at the table that is designated to their grade level, where they will provide their full name and student ID number. They are to proceed to class right after and their tardy will be documented. If a student arrives after 8:25 a.m. They will proceed to the welcome center to have their tardy documented there.

Please help support us to ensure all students are in school and arrive to class on time. We will share what actions will be taken to enforce students’ accountability in a few days. If you have any questions or concerns around attendance or tardies, please contact Bryan Sanchez (Dean of Student Services) or Daniel Medina (Attendance Liaison).


Noel Nieves

Assistant Principal