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2021-22 Early Bird Registrations April 26 – May 21

Posted 04/14/2021

It is time to register for the 2021-22 school year, you can register online and save time by verifying and updating existing information. You can do this during Early Bird Registrations April 26-May 21.

Social Chat: Tuesday, April 20th 5-6PM
Parents will be supported creating and utilizing the Parent Portal for Registration and the Annual Family Update in preparation for the 21-22 School year.
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To take part in online registration when it opens, sign in to Parent Portal, click on “See All Apps,” then click on “Online Registration” to complete the process. Online registration can only be completed by the parent/guardian listed in the primary household of the student record.

If you need support creating a parent portal. Call our main office at 720-423-5000.

What information do I update during online registration?

During online registration:

  • Parents/guardians can update contact information and preferences.
  • Upload proof of address for address changes.
  • Add or remove emergency contacts, provide information about health conditions and medications.
  • Upload immunization documentation.
  • Upload proof of birth (if new student).
  • Review and sign policies and releases.

The following information cannot be updated online during online registration:

  • Name changes
  • Address changes (parents/guardians can check the “change of address” box in online registration, and can upload a proof of address. The new address itself cannot be entered directly by the parent/guardian.)
  • Removing guardians (this will need to be done with the school with the proper paperwork)

Click here for steps for Online Registration